The latest PHARMAC report Nov 2015

The Karen Louisa Foundation strongly disagree with the latest PHARMAC report entitled “Do differences in funding cancer medicines in Australia and New Zealand impact on people’s health?” The report can be found here.

We fully support both Evangalia Henderson, CEO of New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation’s open letter, which can be found here.

And that of Libby Burgess’s statement from Breast Cancer Aotearoa Coalliation.

The Karen Louisa Foundation, with the support of our donors, will continue to work in an education and awareness role so that ultimately one day soon  Kadcyla, Perjeta, Abraxane, Faslodex, Afinitor, and Halaven are available to advanced breast cancer patients in New Zealand.

To see the change that availability of medicine can make in a patient’s life, see this piece about Tracey Eisling.