First-ever forum for advanced breast cancer patients

Auckland, November 2015

Sally Wallace (Trustee), Evangelia Henderson (CEO of New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation) and Lisa Scott (Trustee/Karen’s sister)

The Karen Louisa Foundation attended the first ever forum for advanced breast cancer patients held in Auckland. It was amazing to meet so many people who are dedicated to expanding the knowledge about secondary breast cancer and all the areas that a patient needs to focus on to look after themselves – medical, spiritual, physical and mental.

To view the presentations please click here.

New Zealand Breast Cancer Clinical Trials database

This essential database lets patients search for upcoming and current clinical trials in New Zealand based on their sub-category of breast cancer. It’s an amazing tool that is kept up to date and is crucial to keep patients informed so they can have the chance to participate in these trials. View here.

Otago Spotlight Series: Cancer Research Symposium

The Karen Louisa Foundation is committed to being up-to-date and informed about advanced breast cancer research in New Zealand. Recently we attended the Otago Spotlight Cancer symposium in Wellington. There were lots of interesting talks about the forward thinking and innovative research that is going on right now in New Zealand.

The talk from Dr. Parry Guilford in Otago, about the latest research in circulating tumour DNA that could specifically benefit those with advanced breast cancer is especially exciting. This is anticipated to be common clinical practice in 3-5 years time.

To watch the talk click here

New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation $300K research grant

The NZ Breast Cancer Foundation is calling for proposals to address some of the most challenging areas in breast cancer research, including prevention of metastasis – the spread of cancer, which is what causes the 600-plus breast cancer deaths in NZ each year. This is great to see and we look forward to potentially working with NZBCF to contribute funding as well to those applicants that are researching this area. More information here.

Secondary Breast Cancer Awareness Day aka Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day

Metastatic means that the breast cancer has moved to other parts of the body; typically lung, liver, bones, brain. It’s also sometimes referred to as secondary or advanced breast cancer. The Karen Louisa Foundation is passionately committed and determined to pro-actively seek and contribute to projects that will enhance and further secondary breast cancer patients lives.

Please take the time to educate yourself more about metastatic disease by reading this link.

People understanding and asking questions about what can be done for advanced breast cancer patients is a huge piece to the puzzle. Without this nothing will change. Better access to clinical trials in New Zealand, better availability to medicines which are readily available in other countries but not here – all issues which are absolutely essential for development. There are so many amazing passionate people and organisations working hard to advocate and push for change it’s genuinely heartening to see. More information here.