The Karen Louisa Foundation featured on “Story” TV3

Trustee Lisa Scott & Karen’s husband Todd feature on TV 3’s “Story” in a great opportunity to bring some awareness to the lack of accessibility of innovative and much needed breast cancer drugs in New Zealand.  The statistics never seem to NOT blow us away –  LAST country in the OECD in access to medicines & only 13% of medicines that MedSafe has approved in the last 5 years have even made it here!!! Shocking.

Christine Manins is one inspirational & brave lady and the fact that she is paying $7500 a month for Everolimus, a well researched and funded drug in Australia, that should be available free too in New Zealand,  is heartbreaking.  We will continue to bring awareness to this cause & hope that one day these medicines will be free for all.  

All New Zealander’s should have access to the best possible medication on par with Australia, Karen was passionate about this – so too are we.  

Click here to watch the story and find out a little bit more on who Karen was and what was important to her