About us

The Karen Louisa Foundation is a registered charitable trust which honours the life and aspirations of the late Karen Louisa Hunter (nee Scott) who passed away from breast cancer in April 2015.

In 2011 at 37 years of age Karen was diagnosed with breast cancer, progressing to secondary stage (also known as metastatic or advanced) when it spread to her liver and bones in 2013. At this time Karen developed a passionate interest in secondary breast cancer treatments and research. Her family worked alongside her and supported her both personally and by contributing funding to breast cancer organisations through charity events.

The following issues were of particular importance to Karen’s quest to live and thrive with secondary breast cancer;

  • support for patient access to the latest, best and most innovative treatments in alignment with other countries such as Australia
  • supporting patient and public education & awareness about unfunded drugs in New Zealand
  • access to participation in clinical trials in New Zealand
  • dedicated and ongoing research into secondary breast cancer
  • support to manage and minimise side effects of breast cancer such as lymphoedema
  • maintaining critical support networks such as online forums (Metavivors) for patients to support each other both emotionally and in an information sharing capacity.

The Karen Louisa Foundation was established to generate funding to provide direct assistance by various means to those patients with secondary breast cancer in New Zealand.